Heretics (Demo)

by Ryan Sandor Richards

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Demo recordings for the full length heretics album. Written and Recorded by Ryan Sandor Richards in SOMA, San Francisco, CA


released January 11, 2016

Lead Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums - Ryan Sandor Richards
Backup Vocals + Lead Guitar (Heretics) - Joe Rattanavong



all rights reserved


Ryan Sandor Richards San Francisco, California

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Track Name: The Truth Remains
Peaceful gates
And all that they consume
But I‘m not gonna end up there
Tranquil fire
Crackling carbon ridden flames
And I‘m not gonna burn

For all my life
Each of the the days that, it contains
I’ll tell my lies
But the truth remains

Sunken ruin,
On the edge of an ancient lake
But I‘m not the one who found it
Buried Treasure
But not the kind that a chest contains
And I‘m gonna sell it soon
Track Name: Before You Go
Keep on keeping on, you know
I never had the will to suffer, another
You try to hold it down, you say
But nothing ever seems the better, the weather, the rain and city street the same

Be my golden calf, be the one who makes me laugh
Be my heart attack, before you go
Be my lady red, be the one who calls the dead
Be my matron wolf, before you go

You took it from my hand, again
Something precious and beloved, not nothing
Help me find the thing, I lost
Help me gather all the pieces, with reason, with depth and patience somberly
Track Name: Nine Point Eight
High as a stone, I fall to the earth at an acceleration constant
Minus nine point eight, meters per second squared
What weighs more, a pound of emotion or a box of hammers?
Who can tell? When everything in free fall falls the same

My parabolic arc, a ramification of the integration of a constant
Closing in, on an abrupt break with the continuity
I saw my mom, in San Francisco, but she was back in Michigan
I saw my mom, I could have swore I saw a ghost

I called you up, using base ten digits represented in base two
I send my words, three thousand miles at the speed of c
What means more, a logical expression or expressing that I miss you?
Who can tell? When everything we’re fixed to is flying circles round the sun

Closing doors, and opening new ones is a hallmark of our species
Evolving sores, cuts and bruises and lesions of the heart
I saw my dad in San Francisco, but he was back in Michigan
I saw my dad, could have swore I saw myself
Track Name: Suicide Tree
People talk, like they do
But then never seem to be talking to you
On the city street, near the canteen

Had a love, as bright as day
And with her words she whittled it away
At the corner of price and pain

People love to- sing the blues
It makes them feel like they got nothing left to lose
And then go to that suicide tree and scream

Yellow silence, golden sheen
If you’ve ever seen it you know exactly what I mean
Keep it secret, lest the cannibals find out

Cold like reason, hard like love
You got my thinking about his lord that is above
All those plebeian sickly little things

You know I love to- sing the blues
It makes me feel like I’ve got nothing left to lose
And then I go to that suicide tree and scream
Why can’t it be me?
Track Name: Heretics
And god said “let there be light but not bread"
And god said "I don’t need your shit today"
And god was sated by his own wrath
Yeah god said "I never meant to make that mistake"
Oh god said “you better not take my name in vein"
That god said "come children to the promised land," just so he could take it all away
Yeah god said, I don’t know why I did that, anyway
And that god he don’t know shit about me

Why call his name?
That’s what I says
Cause I’m not to blame-
But I’m the heretic, just a heretic… they say

And god said here’s a valley and the grain
And god said nothing more you’ll have from me
And god said I will impart my will, for it is my way
And god said damn that Mary’s looking fine these days
And god said be the man you want to be
And god said in my image, just like me
And god said by the castle with the beast
And god in all his fury, catastrophic to say the least
Track Name: Away From Me
Everyone’s got a price
And no one here is playing nice
But I for one, got a gun
And I intend to get my way

Every woe’s got a story behind it
About someone who loved and lost
But I for one, got this notion in my head
That I will not fall in love at any cost

Stay away from me, Susie May
You don’t want this bitter heart
Stay away from me Bobby Sue
You should have known I would be trouble from the start
Stay away and stay better...

Golden leaves of fall remain
Crushed into carpets that they stain
And I for one, got this feeling welling up
That’s encapsulates a pain with many shades

Every question’s got a motive behind it
To gain advantage over me
But I for one, got this notion in my head
That the question’s not to I but to we